Jeanne's (or Kelly's) Famous Raspberry Salad


1 head of Romaine or green leaf lettuce

1 can mandarin oranges drained

1 sliced avocado

1 package of raspberries

1 cucumber diced

2/3 cup walnuts optional

1 small jicama peeled and chopped

1 green pepper chopped


Raspberry Vinaigrette:


You can buy a raspberry vinaigrette dressing since they make them so good or use this one.


1 can (12 oz.) frozen raspberry concentrate juice

1 jar (16 oz.) seedless raspberry jam

2 cups red wine vinegar

4 cups safflower oil

2 t. fresh minced garlic

1 t. white pepper

1/2 t. salt


Put all ingredients except vinegar and oil in a food processor or blender. Process until smooth. Add vinegar and process 1-2 minutes. Slowly drizzle oil into mixture as it is running.  Makes 2 quarts of dressing


Kelly made this in her food processor and the amount was more than the food processor could handle. At the end, when it came out of the food processor, she put it in a bowl and whisked it.




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